Coastal Erosion Hazard Board of Review



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN the Town Board of the Town of Southold  will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 9:00 A.M. at the Southold Town Meeting Hall, 53095 Main Road, Southold, New York  upon the application of the Coastal Erosion Hazard Board of Review Appeal of Harry and Haykuhi Bashian, which seeks relief from Section 111-6 Definitions and 111-12D Beach Area of the Town Code to replace existing storm-damaged bulk-heading with new untreated timber navy bulkheading consisting of removing a 14’northwesterly section, a 61.5’ northerly section and a 4’northeasterly section of existing storm-damaged bulkheading; replace the existing 41’ westerly section with a new 27.5’ section, a new 62.5’northerly section installed in an angled position, and replace existing 41.5’ section with new 38.5’ easterly section; install 61.5’ of proposed toe-armor consisting of 2-4 ton (minimum of>18”x18”x18”) stone laid out in a single row with geotextile filter fabric placed underneath along the seaward edge of new northerly bulkheading; replace existing 10'wide by 36.5’ long seaward side deck with untreated lumber in same place supported by five (5) 10”x20” pressure treated timber pilings with the westerly side of the deck to be cantilevered over new bulkhead; remove two (2) existing storm damaged 12’x36.5’+- side yard decks; remove existing 5.5’ wide by 61.5’ long section of northerly decking; install approximately 320 cubic yards of clean beach sand backfill within a +-38x5’x61.5’ area to raise the grade landward of the new bulk heading to be level with County Road 48; and for the existing 26.4’x36.3’ two-story dwelling; and as depicted on the site plan prepared by Bulkhead Permits by Gary, Inc., last dated February 14, 2019 within a near shore area in a Coastal Erosion Hazard Area located on property on parcel SCTM#1000-44-2-15 at 58425 North Road, Greenport, New York and directs the Town Clerk to publish a notice of such appeal in the Suffolk Times newspaper not less than ten (10) days nor more than thirty (30) days prior to such hearing and to notify the applicant by first class mail.

Dated: July 8, 2019            

                        BY ORDER OF THE TOWN BOARD OF THE

                        TOWN OF SOUTHOLD    

                        Elizabeth A. Neville

                        Southold Town Clerk